About the author — introduction

Jane Carter has a doctorate from the University of Oxford, for which she conducted fieldwork in the Nepali village of Suri that is described on this website. She has worked for Intercooperation, Swiss Foundation for International Cooperation, since 1997, specialising in community-based natural resource management. Following the  merger of this orgamisation  with HELVETAS in July 2011, she took up the new post of Coordinator, Gender and Social Equity for HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation.

Anjana Luitel translated the entire English text into Nepali. She has a Master’s degree in Human and Natural Resource Studies from Kathmandu University. She is the President of Yatra, a youth led and manged organization, working on youth and environmental issues.






Illustrations and photographs

The paintings used to illustrate this website are taken from a picture painted in 1990 by Sanu Kaji, Adventure Art Gallery, Patan Durbar Square.

The line drawings illustrating the text are by Akhter Shah.

The photographs on the website are almost all by Jane Carter. The two taken of her are by Brahma Doj Gurung, and Anupama Mahat.