Many, many people contributed to the texts on this website – first and foremost the people of Suri themselves. I am particularly grateful to Rukmini, Tomtar and Jagat Karki, Kumar Karki, Radika Acharya, Padam Bahadur and Sita Tamang, Hasta Lal, Tirtamaya and Kaili Vishukarma, Hem Bahadur Ghotane, Jira Gurung, Birmaya Surel and Bude Sherpa – but also to the many, many others who shared time with me, and welcomed me into the village.

In my visits to Suri over the period 2007 – 2010, I have always been accompanied by a member of Nepal Swiss Community Forestry Project (NSCFP) staff. Sometimes such visits were combined with their work, but more often they demanded personal time over weekends or holidays. My most steadfast, ever-patient companion, and source of much clarification when my Nepali failed me, was Shyam Khadka. Others who have made the trip to Suri with me are Bharat Pokharel, Brahma Dhoj Gurung, Anju Upadhyaya, Anupama Mahat, and (in a consultative capacity) Birkha Chhetry. Mitha Lamichhane helped jog my memory of things past whilst conveying us safely between Kathmandu and Dolakha, whilst Dhruba Pradhan went to great lengths to be supportive – from ensuring the rapid treatment of my swollen leech bites to locating potential artists.

One factor that first spurred me to write about Suri was Intercooperation’s policy of giving a bonus period of three week’s extra leave to those who have reached ten years of service with the organisation. This time was precious. Furthermore, the organisation has contributed a generous part to the development of this website.

Peter Sulzer and Marcel von Arx both provided particular encouragement early on, and read substantial parts of preliminary drafts. Others who offered comment on particular parts are Ruth Egger, Robert Fisher, Ruth Gilbert, Maura Hannon, Kate Molesworth, Dinesh Paudel, Tsering Sherpa and Thomas Stadtmüller – whilst Ruedi Baumgartner, Jane Gronow, Colin Hughes, and Hilary Sharp invested much time and thought in reading and commenting on them all. For the illustrations on the website, Patrick Sieber kindly digitalised some of my old slides.

Finally, Elsa and Noelie Lengeler have affectionately tolerated my “Suri writing time” without complaint. Whilst my mother is sadly no longer with us, she had the love and foresight to treasure all the aerogrammes that I wrote to her over 20 years ago.

Thank you, all of you.